Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cool looks of the week

Here is Kristen Stewart at MTV Movie Awards this week:

Dressing like this at an important Awards celebration and going on the stage for your acceptance speech??? That is quite audacious! Anyway, I'm totally digging that look. Sporty and cool. The Converse sneakers have always been my favorite. They are versatile, casual, cheap and yet, can still look fashionable. This outfit goes perfectly well with the Twilight series. Vampire looks !!!

Speaking of cheap fashion, there is a recent post on titled "Cheap High Fashion" that features Miley Cyrus' promotion of a Wal-mart clothing line with prices of about $20. Honestly, I'm very amazed by this one:

See! Wal-mart clothes can be awesome. It actually is one of my most favorite shops! Hahaha. Cheap shops often have clothes that fit you the best. That is my experience so far.

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